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The Vallas Hoax

Chicago teachers, administrators and support staff have long known the truth about Paul Vallas. Paul Vallas is a hoax.
When Paul Vallas was CEO of the Chicago Public Schools they watched with dismay as he lied to the press, abused veteran educators, gave out lucrative no-bid contracts, misused standardized tests and engaged in shocking acts of racial bigotry.
Nearly 2/3 of the Illinois Democratic voters rejected the Vallas hoax when they went to the polls and voted in the March 19 primary.
Substance commends their judgement.

Paul Vallas  
Table of Contents

Anybody but Vallas by Sharon Schmidt — 35 good reasons not to vote for Paul Vallas.


The Paul Vallas I Know by Grady Jordan — The overwhelming percentage of school principals removed from their schools by Paul Vallas have been black.


Vallas Failed to Raise Chicago Test Scores on the Test Most Illinois Students Take
by Sharon Schmidt — Vallas turned many Chicago schools into test-drilling mills — with real teaching and learning out the window.


No-Bid Contracts to Arthur Andersen and Other Insiders Increase by More than 400% under Vallas by Tom Sharp — Arthur Andersen has had contracts from the school system exceeding $10 million.


Lies in Vallas Vitae by Sharon Schmidt — Paul Vallas continues to make dubious claims that he was an elementary school teacher from 1976-1980.


Roland Burris Interview by George Schmidt — Burris discusses his extensive government service and his educational plans.


Rod Blagojevich Debunks Vallas Claims by Sharon Schmidt — Blagojevich outlines his own education plan, which de-emphasizes testing and focuses on early childhood education and increased funding for schools.


Chicago Tribune Endorses Vallas While They Sue School System to Obtain Data that Vallas Illegally Withheld by George Schmidt — While endorsing Vallas for Governor, the Tribune sues the school system to give up data about truant students that was illegally withheld by Vallas.


Editorial: Vallas Endorsements a Set-Up by George Schmidt — The Chicago Tribune and Crain's Chicago Business endorsed Paul Vallas because he is the most vulnerable candidate against a fall Republican opponent.


Vallas’ Claims about Providing Eyeglasses for Poor Children Brazenly Rewrite History
by Sharon Schmidt
— The school system and various charities have long tested students’ vision and provided free glasses. Vallas actually cut the staff available to test the vision and hearing of Chicago’s children.


Costly Move Downtown Called Into Question by Recent Renovations at Pershing Road by Tom Sharp — Vallas called the school system’s Pershing Road a “commercial sinkhole”, but city departments are now making renovations and repopulating the Pershing Road building. Was Vallas’ costly move really necessary?


Board Delays CASE Case Until After Primary Election by George Schmidt — Substance published six of 22 systemwide high school achievement tests (in subjects like English and history) to show what an absurd waste of time and money they were. In response, the Chicago board fired Substance’s editor (teacher George Schmidt) and sued Substance for $1 million. But now, the Board’s attorneys are using every delaying tactic in the book to keep the case from coming to trial.


The Legacy of Vallas' Financial Manipulations: Feast or Famine? by Leo Gorenstein — Vallas claimed that he left the school system with a $345 million surplus. Why then did the Chicago board take the unusual step of shifting $49 million from the funds meant for educating children to pay its debt on bonds?


Editorial: Bullies and Liars Still Win Praise in the Shadows of Enron Collapse
by George Schmidt
— “Management by bullying,” the Paul Vallas style, has been praised by some business writers when it has been used to run major corporations.


Standardization Stupidities by Susan Ohanian— Does one size really fit all?


Calling for Mass Refusal support by Susan OhanianResisting the imposition of Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System


Partisan bickerings continue to disrupt monthly Chicago Teachers Union meetings
By Terry Daniels The dubious agenda of the United Progressive Caucus (UPC) is obstructing important union business.


Vocational and career education getting a boost? By Lotty Blumenthal— The Association for Career and Technical Education held its annual convention in New Orleans. There were a wide variety of presentations, including one that debunked myths about the SAT test as well as how American students compare internationally.


Substance loses a true friend By Theresa D. Daniels— Bob Rodriguez, a loyal supporter of Substance in many ways, passed away recently. His selfless devotion to others will be missed.


Women and Unions, 2002 By Lotty Blumenthal—Some great upcoming events for union women. Find out the details here.


Lawsuit seeks equitable state funding for Chicago pension system By Al Korach A former trustee and VP of the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund looks at a variety of retirement issues including this critical lawsuit that both the Board and the CTU are supporting.


Page 1: Georgia teacher needs national support — Bright elementary school principal kicks neighbor out of LSC meeting — An appeal for LSC nominations — College teachers move to reform union


Page 2: Bush in a bar—Dealing with issues, not images — How not to solve a teacher shortage


Page 3: And God created teachers…— Gates can’t suppress ideas — Why is Bill Gates giving away billions? — George Cummins : Tribute to a Teacher


Beware the Ides of Maaaarch By Sister Grim Surreal satire about election politics, re-engineering, small schools, the CTewe and such Chicago personalities such as Paul Mallas and Hizzoner, da Mare.


Chief Perjury Officer — John Hancock—Board surprises — Board stipends — Sanctimoniousness— Arne and the good ole days


A Legacy Deferred by Lois Weiner— What does happen to a legacy deferred? A former teacher at Martin Luther King High School in NY provides one answer.


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